Dr. Wang Zhendong PhD


DR Wang zhendong PhD

Managing Director

Wang Zhendong, is a practicing lawyer in China and a practicing lawyer recognised by the High Court of England and Wales. Before practicing law, Wang Zhendong served as a prosecutor in Shanghai, China, and represented the government in prosecuting more than 500 criminal cases involving various crimes including economic crimes, violent crimes and personal crimes. In 2009, Wang Zhendong was commissioned by the Shanghai Procuratorate to study law and finance at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and wrote a doctoral thesis in the field of corporate governance. In 2016, he went to the UK to study law and continued his legal career in the field of financial derivatives. Research. After completing bachelor’s and master’s studies in the UK, he passed the assessment of the British court and became a lawyer recognised by the British High Court. Before entering the Nigeria office of Yingke, he worked in two internationally renowned commercial law firms, as well as in the first-tier maritime law team in the field of Chinese maritime law.

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