About us

About us

About Yingke Africa (Nigeria) Consultancy Limited

Yingke Africa (Nigeria) Consultancy Limited is a Nigerian professional
consulting company, established in January 2023 to offer business
consulting services to both indigenous and foreign companies in Nigeria.
The Company is incorporated as a private limited liability company under part B of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020 under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the Registration No: RC202129.

Our goal is to help businesses in Nigeria, by providing proper business formation, risk and management advisory. We also intend to offer Human Resource management services to ensure that businesses recruit the right set of people who will guarantee business growth and continuity.
Yingke Africa (Nigeria) Consultancy Limited is your strategic partner for achieving success in Nigeria’s dynamic business landscape. With our local expertise, tailored solutions and comprehensive services, we provide the support and guidance you need to navigate business challenges, while seizing the opportunities that Nigeria offers.
Call to ask any question 540-325-1523

24 Years of Experience

Dr Wang Zhendong PhD

Managing Director
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Our Vision

At Yingke Africa (Nigeria) Consultancy Limited, our vision is clear and unwavering: to be the premier provider of business consultancy services globally. We aspire to set new standards of excellence, fostering growth and prosperity for our clients by providing them with strategic insights needed to succeed in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in a commitment to satisfy our clients' needs by providing prodigious and lasting solutions to their business challenges. We intend to deliver high-class, advanced, and valuable business consulting services, positioning ourselves as the consulting firm of choice for our clients at all times.

Our Comprehensive Services

Like What We Offer


Whether you are a local business seeking growth or a foreign company venturing into Nigeria, Yingke Africa (Nigeria) Consultancy Limited is your strategic partner. Our team of seasoned consultants is ready to provide the support and insights you need to make informed decisions and achieve your business goals.
Tailored Solutions Global Excellence Mission-Driven Excellence
Crafting Success for Your Unique Journey: Your business is unique, and so are our solutions. We provide personalized consultancy services aligned with your goals.
Setting Standards Beyond Borders: We bring a global perspective to our consultancy, setting standards that transcend borders and incorporating diverse international experiences.
Satisfying Needs, Delivering Excellence: Client-centric, results-driven, and committed to long-term partnerships. We go beyond offering solutions to building enduring relationships.

We draw on our global network to assemble a team of experts.

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